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There are many certification training courses available in website development. They cater to audiences at different levels of expertise, and they teach learners different tools as well. The certifications are available for those who want to start out at a beginner’s level and to those who want to validate their expert level skills as well. Website development is a vast field. It is considered to be a necessary requirement for many industries such as IT, finance, marketing, software, finance, and more. Needless to say, a web developer is a requirement in most companies around the world.

Web development courses online (instructor-led live online training) can be a great opportunity for learners to enhance their skill set and validate their expertise in their field. Experienced professionals, as well as newcomers and university students who are still studying, can complete their certification training course in website development to help them improve their job opportunities and career options.

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There are many certification courses available for learners to choose from. Some of the most popular website development certification training courses are:

1. React JS Certification Training

2. Node JS Certification Training

3. Angular 10 Certification Training

4. Laravel PHP Framework Certification Training

5. MCSA: Web Applications certification training

6. Popular Web Developer Certification Courses

React JS Certification Training Course

The React JS Certification Training course is for learners to understand and use the React platform for web development. This certification course is really beneficial for those who want to learn more and become professional React Developers. This is a foundational level certification training course, which means it teaches learners all the basics of React and how to use the platform for web development.

The certification is concerned with the different structures and building various components of React. Learners also gain more knowledge on how to structure their applications with Redux. Some of the other skills that the certification teaches its candidates is how to route with React, the different React states props, and also about the React-Redux node package.

Node JS Certification Training Course

The Node JS Certification Training course is designed for web and app developers who want to explore and gain in-depth knowledge on the Node.js platform. It validates one’s skills on how to implement various web solutions in a Remote Desktop Linux environment. The certification exam is a performance-based exam where learners are supposed to demonstrate their skills with Node.js and candidates have to simulate real-life scenarios to complete the exam. This is not a beginner-level certification, which means applicants need to have prior work experience using different programming languages to develop web and mobile applications.

Angular 10 Certification Training Course

The Angular 10 Certification Training course is designed for developers who want to become professional and certified Angular developers. Angular certification training is a good option for developers who want to build data-driven web applications. This certification training course is not a beginner level course, which means candidates need to have prior experience and a thorough understanding of how JavaScript, HTML, and CSS work in terms of building web applications.

The certification teaches learners how to build robust applications with Angular and manage them. It also teaches concepts of data binding and its implementation. Learners also gain more knowledge on how to split complex interfaces into smaller, more workable components, how to write their own directives as well as to create various complex forms with validation.

Laravel PHP Framework Certification Training Course

The Laravel PHP Framework Certification Training course is designed for PHP developers and web developers who want to learn how to use Laravel, an open-source platform, to create websites. The certification course simplifies techniques for developers using the expressive syntax provided by the platform. Participants who take part in this Laravel PHP Framework certification training course will learn how to use blade templates, controllers, responses, and how to set up and install web applications with the Laravel PHP Framework more.

MCSA: Web Applications Certification Training Course

The MCSA: Web Applications certification training course is a beginner level course offered by Microsoft for web developers who want to validate their skill set and for aspiring developers who want to learn more about how to implement modern web applications. There are two examinations that learners have to complete to get their certification. They are:

70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 or 70-483: Programming in C#

Reasons to take Website Development Courses from Shraddha Technos

We offer a wide portfolio of website development certification courses spread across various programming languages and platforms

Expert trainers who deliver instructor-led web development training courses globally

Key resources, best practices, and tips provided to better implement the knowledge gained through the Website Development courses offered at Shraddha Technos

Gain all the skills required for you to become either a back-end engineer, full-stack engineer, or a front-end engineer

Get widely-accepted web development training from one of the accredited training providers

Working professionals and students can choose flexible time slots of 8 hours/day or 4 hours/day options

Customize modules for your website development courses according to your business requirements

Get dedicated attention for your training with 1-on-1 and Fly me a trainer option

A one-stop solution for you to complete your web development career path with popular course offerings

Benefits of Website Development Certification Training

There are many benefits for budding and experienced working professionals who work in website and app development or aspire to complete a certification training course in web development. Some of the crucial benefits are:

1. Full-stack web development certifications are highly sought out by employers in multiple industries. Web development is a versatile option and is a requirement in many different fields. This is why certified professionals are always high in demand.

2. Certification in web development guarantees higher job security. Certified professionals are more in demand, and even if one is employed as a web developer in their organization, certification can still help them by showcasing their skills and value to the employers.

3. Certified web developers have the validation they need for their skills and expertise. This means they have proof of the level of knowledge they have in their field.

4. Certified professionals make a higher annual income than their non-certified counterparts. This is because employers value certifications greatly, and they feel like they are saving more on time and resources training individuals by hiring working professionals who have already completed their web development certification course.

5. Getting certified as a professional means that one is committed to improving and continuously evolving in their skills, which is a quality that employers highly value. Continuous education also helps web developers stay current with the latest technologies.

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