Web Designing Course

Web Designing Training Course at Shraddha Technos offers students with the essential skills and training in web designing to enter and prosper in the dynamic world of web design and website development. This web designing course helps students develop technical, creative and can design websites which can lead to a career in web design and development.

Our website designing training is planned for students by keeping in mind the technical requirements and for overall development of them. As we are one among the best web designing institutes, we make sure that students will learn all that is needed from the very beginning that is building a website to programming a very interactive web designing using today’s latest development. Our web design training is taken care of by a professional with 10+ years of experienced faculty, where it would become much easy for the students in dealing with the course.

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Our Program on Web Design Training

Web Designing course through the entire process of creating websites and web applications. You can also build static websites using the most existing versions of industry-standard applications and tools including Brackets and other code editors, Photoshop as well as many others. You will also learn mark-up, styling and scripting languages that drive the web such as Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML5), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3), JavaScript and jQuery. Programming and design skills are taught with a focus on following best practices and established industry standards.

You will gain experience in the designing of websites using technologies ranging from basic mark-up and styling to sites that generate dynamic pages in the form of content management systems (CMS) and other types of web applications. Several online implanted media are explored during the course, as well as the animation techniques needed to bring your web creations to life.

You will create HTML5/JavaScript/Bootstrap/AngularJS powered web applications that render consistently and efficiently across most web browsers. You will learn how to design websites with the Responsive Design pattern which satisfies the needs of mobile device users. Your websites, starting at the beginning of the course, will adjust to the different screen sizes and resolutions of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Advantage of Web Designing Course :

A professional live faculty with a vast experience of 10+ years in the field of Web Designing

It is interesting – This might not sound like an advantage but it surely is. Web Designing Training Course at Shraddha Technos is a different career path than the basic ones, and you are going to have quite a colorful job life. You will get to recreate new pages and designs of the company websites almost every now and then. It might sound boring to some but trust us, it is quite the work.

You will always have a project – These days’ new technologies are coming in the designing world, and this means that you will be redoing the web pages you had designed with the old technology. This means that you will always have something new to do and a project in hand. Also, each and every company these days has their own website, which means that they always need web designers to help them upgrade. This clearly shows that if you have great skills, then you will never run out of work.

You get to use your creativity – Even though the bosses or your seniors ask you to design the page in a certain way, you always have to put in your personal creativity into it too. Only a web designer knows what will look best on the web page. This gives you the scope to put out your talent in the right way. You can go ahead and use as much creativity as you want to enhance the entire look of the site.

You can work from Home – If you have the right software, then you can always work as a freelancer from home. You don’t have a corporate contract on your head, which restricts you to take other projects. You can continuously take tons of dissimilar projects in hand and design for a number of diverse companies. This clearly shows that web designers have a lot of space to make good money if they even opt for 2 to 3 projects a month. Plus, who doesn’t love working from home?

High Demand – Like we specified previously, there are fresh websites coming in exploit almost every now and then. This increases the need for web designers. In short, you will be in demand for a long time because the internet is here to stay and grow.

Softwares We Cover In Web Designing Training Course

Adobe Photoshop



Adobe Dreamweaver



Responsive Design

Java Script



SEO Basics

Web Hosting


Web Designing Course Duration : 45 Days

Web Design Career Outlook

New opportunities in Web Designing are expected to be main drivers of job growth and spending in designing over the next five years.

Career Options in Web Designing:

Front End Web Developer

Web Application Developer

Design and Layout Analyst

Web Marketing Analyst

UI Designer

Back End Developer

Create a Portfolio Of Work Sample

Interested in Website Design? With Shraddha Technos, you will gain an in-depth understanding of a variety of popular software tools used in the communications industry by designers, developers. In addition, you’ll learn how to use graphics using various design courses. The web designing course includes the development of an online portfolio of your work samples for prospective employers.

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