Terms & Conditions

Late Payments

Clients that have not paid in full upon the completion of the order after final approval will be charged 10% of the total order in addition to the price of the order each month after completion date until paid in full. The client is allowed two months to pay in full. After this time, the design(s) will be released and or reused.

Please note: Client will NOT receive the completed package including the usage grant until payment in full is made.

Contract Violation

Shraddha Technos reserves the right to close all accounts on Clients failing to make full payment arrangements on completed design(s) within thirty (30) days. After such time, the Client loses all rights to the ordered design(s), meaning Shraddha Technos retains title and ownership of the work and reserves the right to reuse parts or all of the design(s) in the future projects. The client acknowledges that unauthorized use and/or reproduction of the said design(s) and project materials may constitute a serious crime and that such actions may also result in the suit for damages, injunctive relief, and attorney fees, pursuant to this agreement.

               Shraddha Technos will only grant use of the design and project materials upon the total payment for the order, in full, in a timely and proper manner. Please note: Involuntary revocation of the agreement does not grant the Client any refund of the payment made. There are no refunds on design(s) that have been paid for in part or in whole after the Client’s approval of design(s). In the event that the Client violates the agreement by failing to make full payment OR causes the payment to become invalid through any action, such as fraudulent use or credit card chargeback, stop-payments, etc., the License-To-Use is automatically revoked.

Legal Action

Any legal action due to violation of the contract and/or of copyright will result in financial cost, fines, jail or prison sentence, court costs, and miscellaneous expenses and will be the sole responsibility of the Client. The client hereby releases Shraddha Technos from any and all legal actions or monetary settlements arising from the violation of this contract.

Legally Licensed Images

The client agrees to provide LEGALLY LICENSED images for use with design(s). Shraddha Technos does not supply any images. If the Client does not bear rights to images, then Shraddha Technos may recommend a legal image provider. The client hereby releases Shraddha Technos from any and all legal actions or monetary settlements arising from Client providing Shraddha Technos with unlicensed/illegal images or content to be used for the development of design(s). Shraddha Technos DOES NOT design/use graphics depicting any illegal sexual situations including bestiality, child pornography, rape or simulated rape; or any other morally violent acts. If such circumstances arise, Shraddha Technos will report illegal or suspicious material to the proper authorities.

Promotional Use

Shraddha Technosmay uses Clients’ designs as examples for promotional purposes (i.e. Portfolio, samples, etc) unless the Client specifically requests otherwise.


Under penalties of perjury, I solemnly declare and affirm that I have read, understood, and agree to all of the above statements and wish to conduct business with Shraddha Technos in a manner that acts within ALL of the statements presented by this agreement. I also affirm that I have printed a copy of this policy for my records and will have it available for review and/or affirmation for the life of the created design under the terms of this agreement. This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written. This agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between the parties. My paid purchase and signature (electronic or script) binds this agreement.

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