Digital Marketing Course Training

Design winning marketing campaigns in the digital realm with our Certificate Course in Digital Marketing Training.

60 Hours of Intensive Online Sessions

10 International Certifications

Receive Certificate from Top University – UTM, Malaysia

480+ Hours of Internship Program

Job Placement Assistance

Artificial Intelligence in Social Media and Web Analytics included

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Best Digital Marketing Course Training

Design revenue-generating online marketing campaigns with the skills acquired in our Certification Program in Digital Marketing. Encircle existing customers and attract new customers to your business with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Tag Manager in this unique Digital Marketing course. Assimilate the fundamental concepts of mobile marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and affiliate marketing is the best digital marketing training institute. Drive organic traffic into your business and generate value for your organization.

This digital marketing course gives an in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing and covers the essentials of online marketing and analytical tools. It trains the students to adopt a personalized approach to marketing as Digital Marketing improves sales figures and lowers customer acquisition costs. Participants learn to create the best Internet Marketing Strategy by using channels like Mobile Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, YouTube Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. Prepare to use PPC ads, google ads, search ads, shopping ads, app installation ads, video marketing ads to increase the organic traffic to your website. Learn this and much more in the Best Digital Marketing institute – Shraddha Technos!

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is about your relationship with your customers and how well you connect with them. Today any form of marketing that exists online is termed as Digital marketing, it is one of the most powerful aspects of running a business today. Digital Marketing utilizes the Internet and other digital media resources such as search engines, social media, websites, mobile apps, video, images, etc. to connect with current and prospective customers to achieve marketing objectives.

Course Details :

Digital Marketing Training Outcomes

Digital Marketing has facilitated a big shift in the way companies promote their products and services and also in the way they look at marketing platforms. Digital Marketing targets every platform be it the Web, Mobile, iPads or Social media in the context of both their technological footing and delivery mechanisms. Change is inevitable and with the ever-evolving field of digital marketing, it can be a grueling task to connect with your customers and increase their awareness towards your brand along with accelerating your revenues. International business today needs to engage and manage in a real-time digital environment and needs to leverage digital technologies as a tool to build upon their presence and competitive advantage by adopting the current marketing strategies in the digital market. If you are in the field of Digital Marketing or you’re a complete beginner, having a strong foundation will increase your competence in the domain of Digital Marketing. The course on Digital Marketing exposes you to the various digital marketing strategies and planning that will help you ace the various skills and tools needed in the digital landscape. Digital marketing is a creative, exciting, and an ever-evolving field with new technologies, new strategies, new projects, new people and new platforms to explore. You will learn to

Gain proficiency in Social Media Marketing and Optimization of Advertisements

Deploy Google Adwords using ideal keywords for higher Quality Rank and Ad score

Deliver better content for email campaigns and SEO

Understand SEO techniques to improve page ranking

Digital Marketing Trends

In the epoch of the digital revolution and networking, technology has opened fresh opportunities for marketing. Digitalization along with the rise of a more informed and enlightened customer has posed new challenges as well as opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing. The number of smartphones and mobile users to cross the figure of 6 billion by 2020. Henceforth, pushing the demand for marketers, who can implement Marketing strategies through SMS, MMS, push notifications, etc. Every business wishes to leave a digital impact on the larger than life world wide web. It has become one of the most leveraged platforms to advertise, market, and brand your products and services. It allows you to measure the number of people that visited your site, you can track your sales and identify buying trends.

Chatbots are becoming an important part of digital marketing in 2020 and will help businesses save over $8.1 billion per annum. Video marketing on the other hand is also one of the trends that is being incorporated in digital marketing strategy that is likely to stay for the next 5-10 years. Voice search and smart speakers are another trend setters in digital marketing that are creating unique experiences for customers and building brand loyalty. The demand for Digital Marketing is on the rise by leaps and bounds as more businesses realize the importance of a digital presence to remain discernible and relevant. Therefore, the need for a digital Guru who can explore and navigate this universe is also on the rise. Increase your competence in the field of Digital Marketing and enroll for the Digital Marketing course

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